At The Inner Artist we believe that each individual has the power to create the life of their dreams, to live purposefully and sustainably using their natural talents, outsourcing to the greater community, and experiencing financial and physical freedom. The world is moving to the “Age of the Entrepreneur”, and we are here to help you become the business leader of your own life.

The course is a comprehensive and practical “blueprint” for creating the life of your dreams. You will:

Awaken to your purpose

Rediscover your Internal Gifts

Transform your negative thinking / societal conditioning

Ignite your passion and self-belief

Sell your product effectively

Take on the global marketplace

This 12 week investment in yourself, includes one-on-one coaching, community support, a weekly live webinar with Phil Keye, downloadable videos, audio and internationally accredited and tried-and-tested processes designed to help you bring your “art” to the world, and live your passion every day, profitably.


How is The Inner Artist delivered to you?

Login to your personal dashboard gaining access to your Individual Artist profile, with specific training updated weekly according to set themes.

  • Downloadable video, audio and pdf processes
  • One-one-one Discovery sessions with Phil Keye once every four weeks (3 sessions in total over the period of the course)
  • Weekly online online sessions with your fellow ‘Artist’ community, facilitated by Phil Keye
  • Access to the Inner Artist social media channel, providing 24 / 7 integrated community learning and resources
  • Anytime email and Skype support

The Inner Artist Program

Module 1 – What is my Purpose

Introduce yourself to your new “family” for the next 12 weeks. Create your own space at home for doing this work. Find a picture of yourself when you were young and free, and put it in the centre of your sacred space. Exploring the Ikigai. We go through a powerful coaching exercise where you will list examples of the following: That which you love, That which you are good at, That which the world needs, That which you can be paid for.

Homework – Happy Bomb – Do something that makes someone happy this week (film it if you can – best happy bomb will get a free Laser-Coaching-Session with Phil Keye)


Module 2 – I am Statement

Extremely powerful meditation designed to take you back to the womb, and scan your life from birth till now, to rediscover, who you really are! What is your purpose in this life. What have you come here to do…

Compose your own “I am Statement”, which is a statement that embodies your nature of being. This statement is an anchor for you, to remind yourself of why you are here, and to bring more purpose into your everyday life.

Homework: Be selfish! Do something this week for yourself – film yourself. Winner gets a free Laser-Coaching-Session with Phil Keye.


Module 3: Your Ideal Lifestyle

You know that you are the creator of your life, and you choose to create your life everyday with clarity of vision. In this module, you will write your vision for your ideal lifestyle with gratitude, as though it exists in the moment. You will write this on paper. Write about your ideal romantic relationship, business, lifestyle, environment, spiritual relationship, and service to the world. This is the beginning of your manifestation process.

Homework Burn the vision – release all attachment to the vision by burning it under a flame, releasing the attachments to any outcome, but trusting in the process.


Module 4 – What we resist persists

In this practical and powerful coaching exercise, you will look at parts of yourself, that you do not like, and that are holding you back from achieving your goals in life. We study these “Inner Obstacles” and find the hidden blessings in them, turning them around in this life changing coaching exercise.

Homework: Happy Bomb 2 – Create another Happy Bomb (film it if you can)


Module 5: Black/White Frame Technique

You will participate in a deep meditation, where you go back to your most traumatic memory from this life, and flip the memory around, re-programming the subconscious mind to be more empowered around this memory, so you can use the memory as fuel for your goals, instead of using it as a hand-break.

Homework: Surprise!


Module 6: Fear Buster

Everyone must attend this module. You will be asked to present something that scares you to the team. Think creatively! This is your time to shine. You can read poetry to the group, play piano, do a dance, sing, in fact you can do anything creative here. You are encouraged to film yourself here, just for your own records.


Module 7: Design your ideal Business

This is a creative brainstorming exercise, which aims at bringing your dream to life. This dream can be a business idea, a project, a goal or any creation that you would like to build. We do this by working through 3 key stages – Visioning, Planning and Critic.

We are going to go through each stage separately, and spend about 20 minutes in each stage. Each stage will invite you to have a different way of thinking. You may choose to write, draw, mindmap, story-board or mix things up in this process.


Module 8: Who are your ideal Clients?

Knowing your ideal Niche market is critical in the design of your business. This allows you to speak in your client’s language, which allows for “efficiency” and “relevancy”… also known as “streamlined content”. This creates efficiency in your websites, brochures, business cards, speeches and even your daily conversations.

Having streamlined content also naturally “filters out” irrelevant clients, and “filters in” relevant clients. This process helps you become a “money magnet”.


Module 9: Questions and answer session

Module 10: Design your own Home page video.

You will follow step-by-step instructions for how to create content for a 2-5 minute speech, either explaining who you are, or what products/services you would like to offer the world. In this module you will define your content professionally. We will look at the Benefits of your offer, what is your Reason for what you do, and what your services include? In next weeks module, you will read this out loud to the rest of the team.


Module 11 – Speech rehearsal

You will perform your 2-5 min speech to the class.

Homework: Record your 2 minute speech, to be handed in for module 12. This video will be used to market your business via facebook advertising. We suggest using R250 for your first marketing campaign.


Module 12: Facebook marketing

Hand in your marketing video.

You will be taught, step by step, how to market yourself/your company better than the professionals, through paid advertising on facebook.

Winner will get a R500 Facebook Boost ad for their campaign.

The world is evolving faster than ever before. Simultaneously, the universe is expanding at an increasing rate and technology is speeding up exponentially. Jobs are not easy to come by, and human resources are being replaced by artificial intelligence. This is the dawn of a new era, the age of the entrepreneur.

So, what’s the good news?

We have access to all the information of human civilization. We can choose to rely less and less on governments and institutions.
With CAN rely on ourselves, empower ourselves, lead ourselves. Trusting in our innate intelligence, and with endless resources, such as the internet, at the disposal of every man, we CAN create the artwork on the canvas of our lives that we desire.



But you’re not an artist, you say?
You probably feel like you have a purpose, something to create or a legacy to leave behind. This is what we mean by your ‘art’. It is that thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night and won’t let you be content in a life that doesn’t cater to you.
The problem is that a lot of these artists are silenced by a society that does not recognize or compensate personal passion for what it is. This is how we end up in dead-end jobs, uninspiring careers, dreading the sound of the alarm clock in the morning and dragging ourselves through the week, desperately waiting for that time when we can knock off. If we are being stifled and pigeon-holed, we will never find life satisfaction and happiness.

This is no way to live.

Do you feel like there must be more? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. These are the artists.

I have no idea what I want to do with my life.
We focus the primary modules on just that conundrum, as well as eliminating false belief’s and societal conditioning around what CAN and CAN NOT be achieved. Think big, think different, we are here to help you every step of the way.

You will, by the end, have a clear blue-print for your life project, and the tools to carry it out.

I already know what my passion is though, what’s next?
No one likes the image of a starving artist, right?

If you, as an artist, do not have an ability in marketing your skills, as well as running the day-to-day demands of business ownership, you will want to cut your ear off eventually. This is why we have developed this program. I am that artist. AND SO ARE YOU

One in two start-ups FAIL because individuals have:

  • No idea where to start
  • Nobody holding you accountable
  • Nobody to bounce ideas off
  • Shortage of money and financial management skills
  • Do not know how to charge for your services or run basic business processes

Do you want to:

  • Be financially stable?
  • Discover your passion?
  • Provide conscious services to the world?
  • Know how to charge for your services?
  • Know how to market your brand?
  • Know how to use resources such as the internet and social media to your advantage?
  • Dictate your own hours?
  • Feel satisfied at the end of the day?
  • Turn your product into a well-oiled machine?
  • Monetize your passion, possibly earning passive income by automation?
  • Master internationally accredited processes?
  • Feel like a part of a team, fully supported, never alone?

The Inner Artist Program has been SPECIFICALLY and PRACTICALLY designed to do just that.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $300 for all 12 modules


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SEPTEMBER 19th 2017 SPECIAL – JOIN NOW for $300 and get the PICASSO package, which includes 3 one-on-one Discovery Sessions with Phil Keye. This special will only run in September and after that, this course will go up to $450 for the PICASSO Package.

ARTIST PACKAGE – $350 once off. Includes weekly webinars. 24/7 email support.

PICASSO PACKAGE – $450 once off. Includes weekly webinars. 24/7 email support. 3 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions

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1-on-1 Skype coaching sessions – $80 per hour. This is a great way to get individual and targeted support. This is aimed at getting you to your destination in the fastest way possible.

Amount: $300 or R3,900

When I was was young, I was an A+ student in English, art and drama. My father told me to rather focus my attention on something that will guarantee a career in the future. I developed the belief that money could not be made in the humanitarian or arts fields. This was a problem for me, as I am an artist. I am inspired by music, beauty, the wisdom of our planet, and the wisdom of consciousness. Time flies for me when I am creating beautiful art, whether in the form of music, beauty, experiences, or plain old connecting with people.
I found discovered that many of my friends are creatives geniuses, however they do not know how to earn a living doing what they love. We are entering an age where niche markets are becoming more and more appealing, and there is a market out there for your UNIQUE gifts!

Philip Keye specializes in coaching creative individuals to build their dream business, based on their ideal lifestyle. Philip Keye has a heavy focus on coaching people around their unique strengths, gifts, and of course purpose. He is the owner and creator of the Inner Artist.

Philip is an internationally acclaimed Master ILS coach, Master Demartini facilitator, Professional Fire walking instructor and Reiki Master. Philip successfully coached families from 2013 – 2016 from his own private practice. He has created and run his school program Tools for Bullying at various schools around South Africa and abroad. Philip has also successfully run various other workshops such Tools for Life for kids, The Mastery Club for teenagers, and Face your Fears, a fire walking workshop for adults.



My favourite thing about the Inner Artist was that the weekly coaching call was to actually do the work and not just listen to teachings. As a group, we worked on the questions together and shared answers so that the learning and growth happened during the time we set aside to meet up on the call.  

The coaching style offered by Phil Keyes is unique in that he shares his answers and journey in answering the questions himself, which personalizes the teachings and creates an opening for where we can take our own inner exploration.  

The 12 Week process allowed us to connect as a group and offers encouragement and listening, as we got to know one another. There were moments to break through fears and put ourselves out there in the safety of a small setting, thus preparing us to be step out in a bigger version to let ourselves be seen and noticed.

Each exercise is unique and I really enjoyed how each call was so different from the one before. I felt like the 3 months was a journey and revealed more of me as the weeks went by. The culmination of each exercise, and how each module built on the previous weeks module, was really the biggest effect.

It was a great experience and making the time commitment for that call once a week (which is my biggest challenge) was so worth it and I enjoyed everything that came up!


Sarah Gajek